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Dan callahan

Extending JavaScript with Rust

Use the best tool for the job" doesn't work on the Web. Even if you pick a different tool--CoffeeScript, TypeScript, or even Elm--you're really using JavaScript. And JavaScript, like any high level language, has strong opinions about what your code can do and how it's going to do it.

WebAssembly ("WASM") changes everything by transforming the Web into a low level platform that can support other programming languages. This talk dives into one of those languages, Rust, and looks at the new and exciting things that it enables. If you want to experiment with WASM, there's no better place to start.

Speaker Bio

Dan Callahan is a Developer Advocate at Mozilla, where he works to ensure that the future of the Web is driven by the needs of real-world developers. He also educates developers about emerging technologies that are transforming the Web into a more capable, resilient, and interactive medium. He previously led the Mozilla Persona project.